Accident Damage - There are several different ways to repair your vehicle after an accident.  Repairing your vehicle is a compromise between time, money, and expectations.  Talk to us about which are most important to you. 

Paint Damage - Nothing is worse than your first scratch on your brand new car.  We know how you feel, but more importantly, we know how to fix it.  

Lease Return - Avoid the high dealer fees for paint, body, and wheel damage.  We’ll tell you what we think you can get away with, and what could use some attention.  

Post Repair Inspection - Something not seem right after prior repair? Unfortunately, insurance companies put profit ahead of quality on a daily basis.  If your vehicle was repaired by a shop selected by the insurance company, you may want a second opinion.  

Custom Work - If you can dream it, we can build it, maybe.  Send us some info, we like projects.  

Vehicle Spa - Sometimes your ride just needs a makeover.  Bring it by before 9 am, and we’ll have it ready by 5pm.